Dear families,

Jean Steckle is a great place to learn! I’ve received positive feedback from occasional teachers and visitors that our students are polite, friendly, and hardworking. Keep up the great work STING!

I would like to congratulate our vice-principal, Ms. Amy Humphrys on her appointment as the new principal at St. Jacobs Public School effective April 16. Ms. Humphrys has spent the past year developing strong relationships with our students and our families and she will be missed at Jean Steckle. I would like to announce that Rick Saunders will be our new vice-principal on April 16. Mr. Saunders is currently a consultant with the Avon-Maitland School Board.

Please remember to wear your Blue Jay wear tomorrow! Have a great weekend and we look forward to seeing our students on Tuesday, April 3.


Andrea Michelutti, Principal

Lost and Found items

The items in our lost and found display will be donated on Wednesday, April 4. Please visit the main foyer to find your missing items.

Sending our best wishes to Ms. Hagey – our amazing secretary

We would like to wish our secretary, Ms. Hagey the best of luck as she competes in the Ontario Open 5 Pin Bowling Provincial Championship this weekend in Hamilton. We know you will be bowling many strikes!

First ever Jean Steckle P.S. Yearbook

We have a lot of excitement happening around the school with the introduction of our FIRST EVER Yearbook!

Our yearbook committee has been busy creating our FULL colour, 96 page yearbook.

Each yearbook is only $23!

There are also additional features that you can purchase through the website such as

  • Hardcover upgrade
  • Foil name on the front of the book
  • Current events insert “Zoom”

All yearbook purchases will be made online through:

Our ID code is 13480418

You will need to include your child’s name to order their book through the Lifetouch website.

All yearbooks will be delivered to the school and handed out to students in June.

Light it up Blue! – Tuesday, April 3

On Tuesday April 3rd, Jean Steckle will be participating in Autism Awareness Day.  Let’s wear blue to show our awareness, understanding and acceptance of autism. Major landmarks around the world will show their support by shining blue lights, they will Light It Up Blue.  So come on Jean Steckle, let’s Light It Up Blue on April 3rd.

AUTISM AWARENESS DAY – Tuesday April 3rd (official day April 2nd)

Did you know …

  • 1 in 68 children are currently diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder
  • The prevalence of ASD has increased over 100% in the last 10 years
  • Autism is now the fastest growing and most commonly diagnosed neurological disorder in Canada
  • ASD is caused by a combination of genetic and environmental influences
  • Autism occurs in all racial, ethnic and socio-economic groups
  • Autism is a lifelong spectrum disorder
  • Early intervention can make a lifetime of difference
  • Mental health concerns such as anxiety and depression are common in individuals with ASD
  • The unemployment rate for individuals with ASD is over 80%
  • With the right supports, all individuals with ASD can thrive
  • No two people with autism are the same, not even identical twins.  If you’ve met one person with autism, you have met one person with autism

What is autism?

Autism affects how the brain works and might make it hard to talk, understand other people and learn new things.

How do you get autism?

You are born with autism just as some people are born with brown hair and some people are born with freckles.  Scientists are trying to figure out exactly how autism happens and how to best teach children with autism.

How do people with autism talk?

Many people with autism have a hard time using words and may even say the same word or sentence over and over. Some people don’t talk, but instead use their hands, pictures or even an iPad. Then, there are other people with autism who can talk just like you.

Do kids with autism have tantrums?

Some kids with autism might be happy and then become sad or mad. They might even have a tantrum. It might be because they have a hard time telling people what they need and want.

How do kids with autism play?

Children with autism might play in a different way than other kids. They may like to stare at something for a long time, twirl a piece of string, or spin a toy car around and around. Kids with autism may play by themselves because they don’t know how to play with other kids. They might need to learn how to play. If you know someone with autism, how does he or she play?

Are all people with autism the same?

No. People with autism have many different things that they like to do and are good at. Every person in the world is unique in his or her own special way. How are you special?  If you know someone with autism, how is he or she special?

What are people with autism like when they grow up?

People with autism can learn to do all sorts of things when they grow up. They might have a job at a store, as an artist, or working on a computer.  Many go on to become very successful, working in high-level jobs.

While many people with autism learn to make friends and have a job, others will need a lot of help throughout their whole lives.

Jean Steckle, are you ready to Light It Up Blue on Tuesday?  Remember to wear blue to show our awareness, understanding and acceptance of autism.   

“The world needs different kinds of minds to work together”

Dr. Temple Grandin

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