Dear families,

We are excited to have our Terry Fox run on Friday, October 7. Please send in your Toonies for Terry. Students are reminded to wear running shoes and appropriate clothes for this event.

Friday, October 7 will be the last day for donating non-perishable items for our food drive. We are thankful for the great support we have from our community.

We have completed all of our fire drills and lockdown drills for the fall. I would like to thank the students for their focus during the drills.

Wishing all of our families a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Andrea Michelutti, Principal

Scent Free School

This year Jean Steckle will be moving towards a scent free environment. We have several students and staff members who are experiencing respiratory problems. Please work with us to ensure all members of the Jean Steckle family are able to learn and work in a safe environment.

Volunteer Survey

We are looking for volunteers to support our students. Please complete the survey by clicking on this link We are looking for volunteers to help with hot lunches, fun fair, the move-a-thon, and to support student learning.

Good Neighbours = Good Neighbourhoods

We are fortunate to live in a great neighbourhood. We need to work together to ensure a safe and clean neighbourhood for our students. Recently, there has been several incidents of vandalism on the school yard and in the community. I encourage you to be visible in our community. When parents and adults are visible and ask questions, they gain a better sense of what is happening in the neighbourhood. If you do notice vandalism or suspicious behaviours, please contact the Waterloo Region Police Services at 519-653-7700.

Upcoming dates:

October 10 – Thanksgiving

October 12 – Move-a-thon introduction assembly

October 14 – WLU Football game – 4A, 4B, 4C, 4D, 5A, 5C, 6A, 6B, 7A, 7B, 7C, 8A, 8B, 8C; Skating – 1E, 1F

October 19 – We Day in Toronto –

October 20 – Steckle Farm – K1, K3

October 21 – Skating – 1E, 1F; Steckle Farm – K6, K8

October 26 – Steckle Farm – K2, K7

October 28 – Picture Day; Skating – 1E, 1F; Steckle Farm – K4, K5

October 31 – Move-a-thon fundraiser

November 4 – Random Act of Kindness Day; Skating – 1E, 1F

November 8 – Grade 7 and Grade 8 HPV

November 11 – Remembrance Day Service (11:10 a.m.)

November 14 – Progress Reports will be sent home (Grade 1 to Grade 8)

November 28 – Kindergarten Vision Screening

November 30 – Dental Screening – Kindergarten and Grade 2